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About us

Founded in 1973, and previously known as FMSA Architecture, Foreground Architecture is a Melbourne-based practice driven to serve both people and planet.

Foreground works collaboratively to improve communities nationwide, with specialisations in education, justice, residential, commercial and civic architecture.

A diverse team of architects, interior designers, researchers and technicians, we strive to deliver inclusive, responsive and transformative design.

Our 'why'

For people and planet

Our designs solve complex social and environmental challenges. To encourage belonging and to address inequity, we fortify community bonds and encourage positive behaviours and thoughtful interactions through better design.


Our new Carlton studio is the hub for our hybrid employment model – a flexible office that caters for the many working styles that make up our efficiency-driven practice. Here, we collaborate with clients and colleagues, sharing ideas in person when not working remotely. 

The former CUB building on Victoria Street became our new home in early 2022 when pandemic restrictions eased. Foreground is just one of many built environment practices playing its part in reactivating this most vibrant city.

Six staff members meet in warehouse style office boardroom

Foreground prioritises work that defines our humanity. With around 40 staff, we have the scale to drive innovative designs for a strong mix of education, justice, commercial and residential projects. 

Exploring the very latest in design software and BIM, our team attracts technically-minded architecture and interiors specialists who share our purpose-driven philosophy.

Our policies in practice

Foreground’s company values of ideas, humanity, collaboration and economy form the foundation of our practice policies.

From mental health first aid to sustainability targets and ethical procurement, our policies and operational guidelines demonstrate the world we seek to design – starting with our own practice.