Retirees move into retirement villages seeking accommodation more suited to them than their current homes. Being their last property, there is little room for compromise. When essential features and amenities align with their affordability, the proposition becomes compelling and irresistible.

Community, security, and convenience; the three requisites buyers seek when considering a retirement village – a consistent message from Susan Malone of IMG (Independent Management Group), a leading marketing and operations consultant in retirement villages.

Community – a caring and engaging community to address potential loneliness and isolation. A well-designed community centre invites residents to use the amenities anytime at leisure and not solely for organized or scheduled events.

Security – addressing vulnerabilities such as home intrusion, assault, some physical impairment, or a health incident. Passive surveillance and good visibility of vulnerable areas provide security against intrusion without excessive use of electronic surveillance. Subtle details such as lighting, texture, contrast, avoiding obscured corners, ergonomic considerations when specifying furniture and appliances contribute to alleviating fear of physical injury.

Convenience – easy access to home maintenance, transport, entertainment, technology, health services, and much more. Choice is a factor. A multiplicity of apartment or unit designs, allowing prospective residents to select aptly suited layouts, ones which satisfy their needs whilst minimizing maintenance and paying for unnecessary floor areas.

When these features are designed in consultation with a sales team, it provides them with persuasive responses to anticipated questions and concerns raised by prospective residents. The sales team is, therefore, equipped with tools to convince prospective residents of the village’s ability to meet their needs and preferences. An architect’s understanding of the sales process is imperative to improving sales rates of a village.

Ingenuity to subtly incorporate these features and amenities in the design of a retirement living product defines the expert.

Image of Redmond Park used with the permission of Royal Freemasons Homes.