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Alice Miller
Woman in blue printed dress smiles at camera with arms folded

Alice Miller

Interior Designer


Alice appreciates the opportunity to design interiors that generate social benefit. She crafts spaces that unlock function as much as form, and particularly enjoys designing for those end users who have traditionally lacked agency: prison inmates, court attendees, aged care residents. Her highlight projects to date include the Dame Phyllis Frost Centre redevelopment and the Centre of Learning for Family Violence at the Victoria Police Academy.

At Foreground, Alice has honed a keen interest in building biology, researching how thoughtful design can promote ease of use. Quality ventilation, light temperature selection and the specification of more natural materials are just some of the considerations she gives to comfort and wellbeing.

Alice joined the practice in 2017 after graduating with a Bachelor of Design (Interiors) at QUT. Prior experience in commercial furniture sales gave her insight into the business of products, which has proved useful when specifying appropriate materials for Foreground projects.