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Anna Prasad
Woman in dark clothing with long, dark hair sits cross-legged in white bucket chair, smiles to camera

Anna Prasad

Interior Designer


Clean lines define Anna’s interior design aesthetic, which is always anchored in simplicity and functional ease for the end user. She pursues similar efficiencies in her working methodology, establishing open communication processes and reliable document control systems at the project’s outset. This way, Anna can maintain quality, sharing reliable information with the teams, consultants and clients around her at any project stage.

Almost a decade into her career when joining Foreground in 2023, Anna has contributed to architecture and design practices of all sizes across Melbourne. Detailed documentation and delivery are her strong suits, with experience spanning typologies from residential and multi-residential developments through to major hotels and boutique hospitality projects. She looks forward to expanding her portfolio to include government institutions, and has hit the ground running at Foreground with four early learning projects for the VSBA’s Kindergartens on School Sites (KOSS) program.