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Ashkhen Manukyan
Woman in black outfit with cutout shoulders smiles intently at camera, seated in an orange chair

Ashkhen Manukyan

Architectural Graduate


With a background in fashion and dance, Ashkhen appreciates how architecture facilitates connection between the human body and the broader, living environment, tackling challenges extra to personal need. At the briefing stage, she undertakes meticulous research, uncovering context beyond what is visible. For Ashkhen, design excellence is the pursuit of subtle, meaningful gestures that combine to make a difference.

At Foreground since early 2020, Ashkhen has collaborated on a long list of projects, including various school upgrades. Education is a valued component of her design practice, and she shares her learnings and maintains currency of knowledge as a teaching team member at Monash University.

Outside of work, Ashkhen broadens her knowledge base with volunteer pursuits and additional study; she has been both a SONA committee member and Open House Melbourne volunteer. Most recently, Ashkhen contributed editorial assistance to her former supervisor on an architectural publication, due for print in late 2022.