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Christina Metcalfe
Woman with long blonde hair and boho dress smiles at camera

Christina Metcalfe

Senior Architect

Seeing opportunity in every obstacle underpins Christina’s success as a Senior Architect. A strong communicator, she invests heavily in client relationships, delving deeply to interpret creative briefs, with empathy and attention to detail as her guides.

Christina returned to Foreground in 2023, having worked for the practice 14 years earlier. She ran her own architecture studio for more than a decade, carving out a strong portfolio of projects – many with repeat clients – across Geelong and the southwest region.

Flexible in the design phases, Christina leverages her collaborative strengths to realise briefed aims and agreed milestones. Additional training and expertise in User Experience design (UX) informs rich architectural outcomes, which she explores in a range of typologies: from kindergartens through to commercial fit-outs. For Christina, projects that cultivate community are a particular passion, as is biophilic design, where building occupants can realise the myriad benefits of improved connection with the natural world.