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Daniel Coomber
Man wearing glasses, light blue shirt and grey pants smiles broadly at camera, propped against orange boardroom chair

Daniel Coomber



An expert in education and residential architecture, Daniel strives to design inherently efficient buildings that comfort, teach and bring joy to their end users. Utilising passive design strategies as first principle, Daniel then explores what other interventions might bring about environmental, social or aesthetic gains. One of his niche areas of interest is large scale timber construction, for its beauty and ability to embed ESD within a building’s core structure.

At Foreground, Daniel offers a measured perspective when solving project problems in the round. A natural mentor to many of the younger staff, he is a go-to person for schools design knowledge, and has enjoyed expanding this portfolio since joining the practice in 2018. In 2023 Daniel joined Greg and Riordan as practice Directors.

One of Daniel’s more prized projects includes the 2020 completed Barwon Valley School, where thoughtful spatial and sensory designs were deployed to help soothe students and their families on arrival.