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David Fisher
Man, seated in grey armchair, blue jeans and blue printed short sleeve shirt smiles broadly at camera

David Fisher

Documentation Lead


With close attention paid to detail and strong technical capability, David contributes to the success of projects of varying scales and complexity at Foreground. His advanced skills in documentation, accuracy and problem-solving focus ensure he capably progresses ideas from sketch design through to completion. A qualified building designer, he also holds a qualification in building and construction, balancing twin focuses on clear visualisation and constructability in his work.

For two decades, David has worked in a variety of technician roles with various respected architecture and design practices. At Foreground, projects have included the Walmsley Residential Aged Care facility, the Plumbing Industry Climate Action Centre in Beenleigh, Queensland, and the Southport Community Housing development in South Melbourne.

With skill diversification a marker of his career, David has also practiced as a registered energy rater – valuable experience when working on environmentally sustainable designs.