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Greg Anson
Man in jeans, navy blazer and chambray shirt sits with hands clasped on white couch, office dog on separate couch in background

Greg Anson

Managing Director


For more than four decades, Greg has built a name for reliable delivery of civic and public projects. Whether designing for justice, education or community, clients trust his management of the process and know that environmentally sustainable measures are always on the table.

There’s always something to strive for when visualising a public building. Top of Greg’s list is demystifying the process of interacting with a space: how a building might invite approach, entry and intuitive movement throughout. The award-winning Moorabbin Justice Centre typifies this appeal for Greg, with its minimal expression, strong ESD principles and an instinctive plan that simplifies the process of attending court.

Greg joined the practice as an Associate in 1993 and was promoted to Director in 2000. Echoing his partnership with Riordan, he cultivates teams characterised by complementary skill. Likening Foreground to a finely tuned ecosystem, Greg oversees projects with a high level of trust, but always ensures clients receive what they are promised.