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Jack Brown
Young man in grey jumper and dark pants stands smiling at camera, brick wall and window in background

Jack Brown

Architectural Graduate


Unlocking how buildings can serve end users while maintaining a connection to the natural world offers endless appeal for Jack. He best appreciates Foreground’s pursuit of environmentally sustainable designs, where the quality of the finished experience is achieved without any unnecessary draw-down on energy and resources.

Jack first began working with the practice in 2020 and has enjoyed growing his technical skill and knowledge of building standards. He contributed to Barwon Valley Stage 2, as well as a host of recladding projects and some residential additions in that time. Strong in the use of digital software, he maintains currency in a variety of technical applications and so is a productive member of any project team he joins.

In his spare time, Jack enjoys furniture design and woodworking projects. One of his most recent projects is a customised and solar-powered 1970s caravan, which has afforded him travel as far as Byron Bay.