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James Kazalac
Man in grey knitted pullover and chinos leans against office wall, arms crossed, smiling broadly to camera

James Kazalac

Associate Director

James knows that environmentally sustainable design is a by-product of responsible architecture. With his father a builder, James grew up visiting construction sites; seeding in him a desire to pursue design and construction methodologies that benefit both people and planet.

Having cultivated expertise in prefabricated and modular design since the late 2000s, James has played pivotal roles in the delivery of several landmark Foreground projects utilising these techniques. The $30m PICAC Narre Warren project is perhaps his most standout contribution at Foreground, where, as Project Architect, he coordinated expert ideas and inputs to unrivalled effect in the delivery of Victoria’s first Net Zero Energy education facility.

As unflappable as he is collaborative, James enjoys working across typologies; designing, documenting and administering projects of varying scale and complexity. These include modular timber constructed designs for VSBA schools and TAFE developments through to mixed use apartment developments for VicUrban and social and community housing projects like the Ashwood Chadstone Gateway Development.