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Jessica Hyde
Woman in black outfit with long red hair stands smiling broadly at camera, holding onto orange chair, office plants in background

Jessica Hyde

Associate Director


Cultivating a culture of trust, diligence and support, Jessica plays a central role in business development and communications at Foreground. Systems-focused, she ensures the smooth running of the practice, and puts a healthy competitive streak to good use when writing and coordinating bids for new work. Her contributions include tenders for the $180M Dame Phyllis Frost Centre expansion and redevelopment, and the $140M Ashwood Chadstone Gateway urban renewal project.

With a background in illustration, a love of writing and a qualification in architecture, Jess made for a resourceful addition to the team in 2008, contributing to bid writing and marketing tasks. She was promoted to Associate in 2016, and Associate Director in 2022.

A keen problem solver, Jessica seeks out holistic development opportunities for the practice that promote positive team culture, diversity and inclusion in both design and operations. In 2021, Jessica became an Accredited Ally following completion of the Evolve Communities Ally Accreditation course.