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Nawar Kunda
Woman in black dress and black, yellow and white print scarf with reddish brown afro stands holding glasses, smiles broadly to camera

Nawar Kunda

Documentation Lead


Highly organised and a reliable team player, Nawar is a valued member of any project team, and a natural mentor. With sound technical knowledge in 3D visualisation and constructability, she has led documentation on projects across a range of sectors, including the Walmsley Residential Aged Care development in Kilsyth.

Methodical in her approach, Nawar is also a strong communicator, and an excellent collaborator with clients and colleagues. .

Prior to joining Foreground in 2019, Nawar held senior technician, project coordination and drafting roles at various high-profile architecture and design practices for more than two decades. Fluent in three languages, she has also worked as an interpreter, and enjoys organising events for various community groups – and for Foreground – whenever possible.