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Peggy Teo
Woman with dark hair, white shirt, brown scarf, stands smiling broadly at camera in front of neon tubing business signage wall

Peggy Teo

Senior Architect


For Peggy, architecture represents the opportunity to respond directly to unique cultural and environmental contexts. She enjoys public and civic projects, primarily due to the scale of their potential impact, and for their capacity to cultivate a collective sense of belonging and wellbeing through design.

Peggy joined Foreground in 2023, with one of her first tasks being construction documentation for Burwood East Special Development School. She has built a strong portfolio of work over the past decade, proving competency across all project stages. Her experience ranges from schools and public libraries to specialist aged care facilities, multi-residental developments, and government services buildings.

Highly organised, Peggy communicates willingly with any team, sensitive to the needs of clients and colleagues, and toggling between macro and detailed project views to maximise project knowledge and efficiencies. She prizes balance greatly, and so values contrasting extracurricular pursuits, like yoga and boxing.