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Sejal Bhikha
Woman with long dark hair, forest green dress, perches against office table, smiles to camera

Sejal Bhikha



Architecture that renders communities more equitable and inclusive holds the greatest appeal for Sejal. She was first drawn to Foreground for the variety and scale of its public-facing projects, with social housing top of her professional wish list.

Shortly after joining the practice in late 2021, Sejal confirmed her architectural registration. She has proven a diligent and adaptable member of the team, applying her skills to tasks of varying scale and complexity. Project contributions have ranged from university halls of residence upgrades and recladding works to residential projects in Mt Hotham and an air base in regional Victoria.

Sejal enjoys the challenge of learning and solving problems through architecture: becoming familiar with new products and standards, testing how elements should combine, and meeting dynamic construction requirements. She enjoys collaborative learning environments and was formerly a teacher’s assistant during her postgraduate architecture studies in Wellington, New Zealand.