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Trevor Rees
Man in light blue pinstriped shirt, dark jeans, with full grey beard and grey hair, leans against office chair, smiles at camera

Trevor Rees

Associate | Senior Architect

Curious about constructability, Trevor examines how the best built product can be faithful to – and improve on – initial concepts. He carefully considers the opinions of builders and other consultants, and is always open to design refinements if they will result in a better product.

After more than 50 years designing buildings of high complexity in both Australia and the UK, Trevor is a reliable advisor on building regulations. Prior to joining the practice in 2002, Trevor was an Associate Director of Eggleston, MacDonald & Secomb, now DesignInc. His technical range is broad: from public housing sector projects through to laboratories, education facilities and justice sector projects.

With an eye for continuity and formal qualifications in auditing, Trevor takes part in documentation reviews and details lessons learnt to advance Foreground’s design processes. An active listener, he is an instinctive and patient mentor, overseeing the work of many younger members of the team.