It was an emotional and inspiring experience attending John Andrews’ memorial gathering in Sydney this time last week. The University of Melbourne’s Professor of Architecture, Paul Walker, addressed the crowd, remembering Andrews’ original approach via details of his soon-to-be released book, “John Andrews: Architect of Uncommon Sense.”

I started my career working at JAI and can certainly agree with Walker that Andrews had a visionary style. I benefited greatly from his experience and perspective – and that of his business partner, John Simpson. Supported by a small team of talented architects, urban designers and drafters, we designed and documented projects such as the original Building 8 at RMIT in Melbourne from our Pittwater boatshed loft: an outpost of the Palm Beach-based practice. Later, at JAI’s Washington D.C. office, working on projects like the Intelsat Headquarters cemented my understanding of the power of public architecture.